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Little Wing Gun Dog Testimonials
Home of the Finest English Pointers and German Shorthaired Pointers
Submitted by: Heny Binbeutel Jan 08, 2015  
My experience with Little Wing Gun Dogs and its owner, Jim Cannizzaro, have been entirely positive. For years I knew I wanted an English Pointer, but living in Maine I found no local breeders. Not knowing how to proceed I found Little Wing Gun Dogs through a google search. Comparing them to similar breeders, some with fancier websites and more expensive dogs, I got in touch with Jim a little reluctant about how Little Wing would stack-up by comparison. After contacting Jim and doing more research, Jim not only met but exceeded expectations compared to other breeders. Recently finding out that the sire to the dam of my pup, National Champion Great River Ice, recently won his second National Champion and Jims female, the mother to the dam, produced the 2014 National Open Champion. I was very impressed and new Jim was producing some serious dogs.

Now, having purchased my puppy, Rushmore, from Little Wing I can safely say that their dogs are of absolutely the highest quality and raised in a professional kennel, located on a beautiful country setting. My dog is healthy, friendly, athletic, and highly intelligent... in short, everything you would want in a active pup. I can't say enough good things for the quality of Little Wing's dogs and think that when you compare against more expensive breeders this is truly a best kept secret. Additionally, when it comes to matters of business, Jim was always very quick in responding to my email enquiries and questions, which as a newbie dog owner, I really appreciated. In short, I would have no reluctance to recommend Little Wing Gun Dogs to anyone considering buying a pointing dog of any breed and happily offer this testimonial.

Best regards,

Henry Bindbeutel
West Paris, Maine
Submitted by: Katebryn Heneo Jan 05, 2015  
I just wanted to share my experience with Jim and Little Wing Gun Dogs. I first began to look for an English Pointer shortly after my German Shorthair/ Lab Mix passed away unexpectedly in June 2014. After doing a lot of looking online, I came across Little Wing Gun Dogs and went and met my puppy that night! Jim was extremely easygoing and I was blown away with his dogs and his facility. I could tell immediately the dogs were well taken care of and the facility always kept pristine. The day I was able to bring Brewerton Range home was a wonderful day for my daughter, my home, and myself. He has been a great addition to our family and is more than I could have imagined! I have owned several bird dogs and bird dog mixes in the past, but he is my first English Pointer. I am over the moon with his temperament, his athleticism, and his gentle ways with my three year old. He instantaneously bonded with my daughter and has been a great companion for her. We are so happy with our little man and couldn’t have imagined a better dog for our home. A huge Thank You to Jim for all of his hard work and his love for English Pointers!

Katebryn Heneo
North Brunswick, NJ
Submitted by: The Pickering Family on January 05, 2015  
When my two German Shorthaired sisters died at 15- years and 16- years old, I was devastated. The two dogs left are from the litter of one of the Shorthairs and are 10 years old. They aren’t really very affectionate or engaging. I almost feel except for their barking that I don’t really have any dogs. I want to be loved in a very special way by my dogs. They fill a very special need in my life. When we got the Shorthairs my husband was recovering from a quadruple by-pass and needed the puppies for emotional support and to provide daily stimulation/ exercise. Summer 2014, I found myself in need of a special puppy and my husband was again in need of some emotional support and daily stimulation/ exercise as a consequence of his health. I was looking for a Pointer and my daughter wanted to get littermates, so I went to look at Jim’s English Pointers. I was impressed with his facility and the interaction his dogs had with him. It definitely indicated that Jim was an engaged and caring breeder. I loved the energy of the English Pointers and was sold on purchasing littermates with my daughter. Miss K is extremely bright and wants to please; therefore, she picks up commands very quickly. She points beautifully and is beginning to bark when appropriate. She follows me all around the house and loves to cuddle with my husband and with me. She integrated very well with the cranky old ladies and now they both love playing with her. She’s excellent with my granddaughter. She will try to steal food from your hand or out of your mouth if your not watching but she’s just a baby. Manners do take some time to refine. (lol) She goes everywhere with us and we are very happy she has become a member of our family.

The Pickering Family
North Brunswick, NJ
Submitted by: Kirk Mayer on Jul 08, 2014  
Hello Jim,

I just want to write to you to tell you how happy I am with the puppy out of Night Ryder and Dolly Dagger. He has adapted very well to living in our home and he gets along very well with his “agility” trainer," Buddy", our Bichon / Maltese. This is my first experience with an English Pointer after losing my German Short Hair and to tell you the truth I am blown away with the athleticism and grace of this English Pointer puppy. This little pup shows all the potential and positive behavior one could ask for in a bird dog puppy. I feel like I got lucky with this dog and I will keep you posted on his progress.

Best Regards,

Kirk Mayer
Bethlehem PA
Submitted by: Elise Nicole on Feb 21, 2014  
Hello Jim, In December 2012 my boyfriend purchased an English Pointer from you. He was a liver/white who we love to pieces :) I wanted to say thank you for such an exceptional dog. He is the best dog I have ever owned.

Submitted by: Laurie Johnson on Feb 21, 2014  
Jim I just wanted to say Little Wing Kennels is my favorite place to find a new member of our animal family. Our dog from Little Wing was so totally balanced and ready to accept her forever family. She never had an accident and was totally ready to be part of the whole family.
Thanks again for the wonderfull experience.

Submitted by: John Saversese on Oct 16, 2013 Little Wing Rudy
Hi Jim,

Rudy competed in his first BDC Challenge in Pemberton, NJ on October 4th and 5th 2013. At 12 months of age, he took First Place in the Puppy Pointer Category. On Sunday he took First Place in the Amateur Pointer Category, and finished Third overall in combined. On Sunday he placed 5th out of 18 tournament dogs in Top Gun."

Here is an article about Rudy from NJ Gun Dog. The full article is here: njgundog.com/njgd-current/autism-benefit-tournament-results

"And a star was born in Puppy Pointer! John Savarese’s new Pointer pup Rudy won Puppy Pointer, placed in the top five in Sunday’s Top Gun Pointer field, and had the fastest run on Sunday in Amateur Pointer. Great job Rudy!"

Kind Regards,

Dean Devasia
Submitted by: Bill Ricci on Oct 16, 2013 National Championship
Hi Jim

Just to bring you up to date on Zeva, she placed in the Orange County Open Shooting Dog stake at Dr. Flanagan’s farm. She finished the Pheasant Championship with 4 finds and a strong race. And, George Tracy just called and she won Runner up Champion in the Northeastern Shooting Dog Championship. WOW, what a win for a first year dog to win in her 2nd championship!!

Talk to you

Bill Ricci
Awsum Country Girl
Submitted by: John Savarese on Feb 26, 2013  
Hey Jim,

Writing to let you know how happy I am with the Great River Ice Pup. Rudy is 5 months old now, and he's a very classy and stylish pup with lots of drive. He is showing a lot of potential and I can't wait to compete with him in the BDC Challenges.

He is also a very affectionate and friendly pup, just like his mother Belle.

Best Regards,
John Savarese / February 2013
Submitted by: Apostolos Apostolou on Jan 18, 2013  
Just want to let you know, Xena is doing very well. She is enjoying our family as we are enjoying her! She is a very well mannered, well bread dog who learns quickly and has great natural instincts. She is very affectionate yet very protective. Xena has been hunting several times down at Amwell with myself and my father in-law. Her hunting abilities are outstanding. She is a natural!

Apostolos Apostolou
Submitted by: Art and Joan Lokos on Jan 11, 2013  
Jim, I wanted to drop you a line about the English pointer pup my wife and I purchased from your kennel. I used to hunt birds quite a bit during the '60's and'70's before the natural wild pheasants in NJ disappeared. I've always admired English pointers for their hunting ability and classic "look". Only recently did my wife and I decide to find one, as a house dog mainly, as I haven't hunted birds in years. We've checked regularly over a year with different breeders, Craigslist, paper adds and any place else. When we found LITTLE WING GUN DOGS, we were surprised at your close location compared to other breeders we found online, mostly out of state with high shipping cost. When we found out you had a female pup for sale we had to check it out. Though we came to your kennel at night, we saw enough to see the quality of your facility you run; clean, spacious and very well kept. We bought Winnie that night, and she is really a good looking dog! Orange and white, light nose and really nice hazel eyes! Jim gave us a very fair price and considering the champion bloodlines of Winnies pedigree, I can't ask for a better deal! We are pleased all around and if you're looking for a quality bird dog, or companion dog with a solid background history, you gotta check out Little Wing. I've already got a couple of buddies interested for their next dog and I just might break down and pay the state of NJ for a Quail/pheasant stamp! It turns out she's not only a beautiful pup, she's got alot of natural ability and I haven't started any formal training yet! Thanks Jim!

Art and Joan Lokos
Submitted by: Dennis Murphy on Oct 08, 2012  
Our English Pointer pup from Little Wing Gun Dogs is a well adjusted, intelligent addition to the family. A fine example of a hunting dog.
We would certainly recommend Little Wing to anyone seeking a quality bird dog or a excellent family pet.

Dennis Murphy
Doylestown Pa
Submitted by: Bill Ricci on Oct 08, 2012 2012 Nat Pheasant Futurity
Hi Jim

The National Shooting Dog Futurity is a very prestigious trial to win, and have some of the best derby’s in the country competing there. The weather was cool in the 60’s when Zeva ran. She ran in the second brace on the second day. Her race was fast and classy and she pointed 6 pheasants and 1 quail throughout her brace. She was broke on ALL of her finds!!! She is broke on her game, backs, heals to the horse, at her tender REAL age!

To date she has the following:
1st in an Open Derby in VA
2nd in an Open Derby in Conn.
2nd in an Open Restricted Shooting Dog stake &
1st in the Shooting Dog Futurity

Thank You, Bill Ricci
Awsum Country Girl
Submitted by: Amy Schinagl on Aug 17, 2012 Winston

We love our Winston and couldn’t be happier to have him in the family! He is loving, gentle, intelligent, obedient, and has such a personality! Winston is without doubt a truly special dog, which speaks highly to the quality of your breeding program. We do not hunt with him, but he enjoys pointing at birds, bees, and any other flying insects in the yard. He also enjoys play time with his friends at the dog park, long walks, hikes, car rides, chewing on sticks, snacking on treats, and cuddling on the couch. We were lucky enough to meet Winston’s sister, Abbey (same parents, different litter) at the dog park and they are the best of friends! He is great with people and other dogs, and wants to make friends with every stranger he meets. Thank you so much for Winston. I would highly recommend your dogs to anyone interested in an English Pointer. They are an amazing breed and you raise outstanding examples of the breed! Thanks again and I’ll be sure to send you some updated photos of our handsome boy!

Amy & Robert Schinagl
Submitted by: Tom Kennedy on April 10, 2012 Little Wing Luca Brasi
Meet Little Wings Luca Brasi. At four and a half months old I watched Luca pointing and running with a high tail and saw his potential, even as Jim was telling me that Luca was his male pick of the Elhew Signature/Dolly Dagger breeding. Luca's yard training began the very next day, and I was immediately impressed with his quick learning and retention ability. At six months old he was holding to flush. His Hall of Fame breeding was evident throughout his training. He has a large head and frame and is striking on point. Despite Luca's size he carries himself effortlessly and tirelessly through the field, seemingly having no bottom to his stamina.
I started shooting quail and pheasant over Luca until field trials began in the Spring, when I easily broke him to wing and shot. On Sunday March 25th Luca took First Place in the Penn Jersey Walking Amateur Derby at 11 months old. Luca has been a tremendous addition to my kennels, and we are just getting started! If your looking for a quality gun dog from a first class facility I highly recommend Jim at Little Wing Gun Dogs.
Tom Kennedy
Little Wing Luca Brasi
Submitted by: Tom Allen on Nov 25, 2011 Daisy and Jazz

Hi Jim,

I took Daisy to Stafford Forge WMA on Saturday for some birds. I watched 20 guys and 5 dogs walk through the field I wanted to hunt and thought this was going to be a waste of time. Well 20 minutes later we pulled 3 birds out of the same field. I had a bunch of guys ask me “where did you get that dog?”.

I also met up with a friend yesterday who has a very disciplined German Shorthair Pointer that is truly a good hunting dog. We hunted the dogs together for the first time and Daisy found 4 of the 5 birds, but I was most impressed by how she honored the other dog's point.

When I started looking for my first bird dog I was looking for a GSP it was you that told me English Pointers are a much classier dog and now I know why. Thanks again for all your expert advice and all the time you spent and training you did with Daisy Bell. She runs with so much intensity and is a great house pet but most importantly my best friend. She has completely changed my life.

Tom Allen

Submitted by: Jack Chen on Sep 11, 2011  
Hi, Jimmy,
JJ is growing up very well. She is about 20 pounds and just received another puppy shot from petco. She is a very happy dog and showing great potential of being a great gun dog. Thanks for the great pup, it was a pleasure visiting your facility and seeing some really fascinating dogs. I have to say after visiting your facility and seeing how it is i've never seen anything quite like it, it's undoubtedly the best and can see why now and how kept is. I would recommend a dog out of little wing kennels to anyone.

Jack Chen
Submitted by: Andrew on Sep 02, 2011  
Hi Jim,

My girlfriend and I bought a German Shorthair Pointer pup (we named him Boehiem) from Little Wing in July of 2010 and I wanted to write to you to tell how absolutely thrilled we are with our dog. He has a terrific temperament and is great with our young nieces and nephews and with other dogs. He can go from running around outside with me to sitting nicely as my girlfriend’s 10 month old niece happily pats him on his back. He has also become the object of affection to our neighbors, who will often come out of their houses when I am walking him to tell me what a good looking dog we have. He has literally stopped traffic as one person that drove by us once, got out of his car to ask what breed he is and where I got him. Which I gladly told him.

What has really impressed me is his natural hunting instincts. Neither me nor my girlfriend are hunters and have never trained him to hunt/point, but he was pointing by 3 months and sniffing out birds shortly after. One day about a month after we got him, I was walking him outside our house. He was to the side of me and I noticed that he had stopped walking and started to “stalk” towards a bush. I didn’t see anything and just thought the dog was crazy. As he got closer to the bush he broke out into a point. I still didn’t see anything so I got down to his vantage point, peeked through the bushes and on the other side of the fence was a bird. Words could not express how impressed I was with him. He still does this to this day, even without any training.

He is also amazingly athletic, which I am sure would translate well in the field. He is about 58 lbs, very muscular and extremely fast and agile. When we are playing fetch with his football, his favorite toy, he seems to return the ball to me through the path of most resistance (over/under lawn chairs) just to test himself. He is very eager and open to being trained and is a fast learner.

If anyone is looking for a great gun dog, or just a great dog in general, I would definitely suggest they go to Little Wing, we have been nothing but happy with our dog.
Thank you again,

Submitted by: Sharon Farrell on Aug 31, 2011 Little Wing Lady Kira
Hi Jim,

It’s been a challenging month with my 90 year old mother dying at our home. She passed away on Saturday in the middle of the hurricane. The bright side of all of this has been our Kira. She is the best dog we have ever had. She’s not only gorgeous, intelligent and a terrific cuddler, but she has adapted so well to living in Margate!! She “points” on our walks at every bird and seagull on the beach, but she also sits patiently while we chat with neighbors on our walks. We’re still working on “heel”. I was a little frightened about purchasing a powerhouse dog for a city-seaside environment. Thankfully, you were absolutely right; Kira is not an energy “wacko”, her two daily runs with my son and more sedate walks with me are all she needs. She has never jumped up on the kitchen counter begging or looking for food. She sits quietly for a treat if we offer one. I guess you can see that we think she is perfect!! And she has given us so many much needed laughs!!

Thank you again for a great dog and bringing so much happiness to our family.

Submitted by: Annette Cawley on Jul 28, 2011  
My husband, John and I purchased our adorable Pointer, Mickey from Jim on June 25th. We had visited Little Wing Gun Dogs in February and were
so impressed with Jim's immaculate facility and knowledge of all things Pointer, that we gave him a deposit right then for an upcoming
litter! Now that Mickey will be 13 weeks old we are so glad that we did. His temperament and health are great. I would definitely purchase
another pup from Jim.

Annette Cawley
Submitted by: Tom and Amanda Allen on Apr 22, 2011  

We wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience and for helping us find the perfect pet. We really appreciate the time that you spent putting your dogs on birds and answering all of our questions. We were very impressed with Little Wing Gun Dogs and it was because of you that we decided to go with an English Pointer.

We have had Daisy for one month and she is already part of the family. We also appreciate you taking her back for training and be very accommodating. We would highly recommend Little Wing Gun Dogs to anyone looking for a high quality gun dog or pet.

Thanks again for a great experience.

Tom and Amanda Allen
Submitted by: Nancy Wytovich on Mar 31, 2011  
Hello Jim,
It's been a while since I sent an update. Gyp is now 2 1/2 and continues to be a gem and more than we asked for in a gun dog, companion and family dog.
He is a source of support for my niece 3 who has been through 3 open heart surgeries. She says Gyp come live with me. He is her constant guardian when she is here. Always lays with her and comforts her. She has many long talks with him, brings tears to my eyes to see how understanding he seems to be of her disabilities.
He is also my 86 year old mothers best buddy, gentle as ever with her and her guardian. Gives me a sense of comfort to know he is with her when I am away.
And hunt he does he would go 24/7 if we'd let him. Always ready to retrieve, even in water. He hears a shot and is ready to take off, even if it's off in the distance and we didn't do the shooting. I am asked frequently to assist other hunters and if we would accompany hunters so they can use my dog.
He definitely is worth bragging about. He is the most flexible dog I have ever owned and wears many hats. Thank you for a great dog. When the time comes I will definitely purchase from you again. PS my vet is in love with Gyp and is impressed with his breeding and temperament. Thank You again. Nancy
Submitted by: Wayne Morris on Feb 14, 2011  
I would like to take a moment to offer my deepest thanks for the effort and work you have put into the breeding of your dogs .
I am convinced that your breeding and hard work has made a difference in the quality of your dogs we hunters have come to enjoy .
I have had the pleasure of buying one of your dogs ( English Pointer ). He is not only what you suggested he would be as a hunter, but he has been for the last 2 & 1/2 years a dog like none other I have ever had . He has a great demeanor , a great desire to hunt ,and He has taken to training like no other dog I have owned , well lets just say my enjoyment with him , can only be matched by the level of hunting I now experience with this animal.

Thanks for your hard work,
Wayne Morris
Submitted by: Bill Meyer on Jan 19, 2011  
Hi Jim,
I purchased an English Pointer from you back in August, he was one of the two males left. "Hemingway" (as we named him), has been a great pup and is doing a really good job. I'm looking for a little advice on dog training. He's around 7 mos. old at this point. I spent some time when he was a little younger introducing him to live birds and trying to gun break him, both which have been successful at this point. I've trained him to "whoa" and "here" commands, and again he's done very well with that. As we get some of this initial training behind us and move forward I'm starting to feel that I would like a more experienced hand working with him. Do you have any suggestions on moving forward on his progress, such as recommendations on training methods? Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Again, I'd like to thank you for producing such an awesome pointer, he seems to have intelligence and instincts beyond what I could of expected. I look forward to hearing from you.

Bill Meyer
Submitted by: Dave Carreiro on Jan 18, 2011  
Jim, Flash our 2010 New Years Day pup out of Bell is now 1 year old and I just want to say THANK YOU! I could not have made a better choice when I chose your kennel and this breeding. Your recomendation of what I was looking was right on. I have been hunting him since the season opened on both wild and liberated birds. I have been hunting since a toddler with my dad and in my 30+ years of upland hunting I have never seen such a speciman, he is better than most adult dogs I have seen in there prime, and has become the talk around the bird dog community. Your Kennel is prestine and your dogs are outstanding. I'll be looking for another gun dog soon to add to the family. My wife and 3 year old cannot get enough of him and he is so gentle around the kids. Keep up the good work and will be talking soon.

Thanks Dave
Sparta, NJ
Submitted by: John Rogers on Dec 03, 2010  

I just wanted to let you know that the dog I purchased from you 2 in half years ago is doing well. My dad calls him a hunting machine and is amazed at his work rate. He puts up as many or more birds than the 9 year old English Pointer, who is a very good dog in his own right. The young dog hunts hard, points, finds down birds and is starting to retrieve on a regular basis.

Thanks, John
Submitted by: Matthew Libby on Nov 02, 2010  
Jim, Just wanted to drop you a line on Penny.
We competed in a Bird Dog Challenge at Giberson Farms in New Jersey on Saturday.
Me and Penny placed first in the novice division of 5 dogs, and 5th overall in amateur of 26 dogs. Penny got a lot of compliments, and I was sure to tell everyone where I got her.

Lowell, MA
Submitted by: Mike Cash on Oct 23, 2010  
Jim, wanted to give an update on how great of a dog little Sig is. He's very good looking and a very healthy dog. I get compliments every where I go. He's training very well. House trained quickly and training great in the field. I'm gonna get him some birds this wk hopefully. Your kennel were great and clean. I will definitely refer you to anyone looking for a pointer. Oh yeah,he's great with the kids too.thanks a lot. Mike
 Submitted by: David Butler on Sep 16, 2010
Our English pointer pup Daisy,or as I call her “The Daiser” is fantastic. She is as personable and friendly with people and other dogs as you can get. She takes her hunting and pointing skills very seriously. She is a pleasure to watch, and is as fast as the wind, My wife and kids love her and find her quite amusing. We love the facility, one to set standards. If you are looking for a Quality Gun Dog or Companion look no further, Little Wing Kennels sets the bar and is the place for your new addition.

Dave Butler
Ardmore, PA
Submitted by: Kathleen McDole on Sep 14, 2010
Hi Jim,

We are so happy with our English Pointer from Little Wing Gun Dogs. We got him when he was 10 weeks old and he already gets into a point. Although we are sure he would make an excellent hunting dog, we have him as our family pet. After only 3 weeks of having him, we can tell already he is intelligent, friendly, energetic and loving. He is quick to learn commands and tricks. We are so happy and delighted with our new addition to the family!

The Little Wing Gun Dog facility is impressive. The kennel is on a beautiful piece of property where the dogs and puppies can run and play. It was great to have the opportunity to meet our puppy's mother too. That's a very nice added benefit of buying from this breeder. Overall, the facility is clean and very well maintained. All the paperwork was in order and provided to us on the spot. It is obvious this family has a passion for what they do and care for these dogs very much. The dogs and puppies are treated extremely well. What a great facility! We had no doubts as soon as we walked on the property that this was where we wanted to purchase our new addition to our family.

Kathy & Chris Holzer
Brick, NJ
Submitted by: John on Sep 05, 2010  
Hello Everyone
I am a disabled hunter that was looking for a great kennel with super blood lines and i found little wing kennel!!The owner Jim helped me with everything i needed to get a great pup,And boy did i drive him crazy if he could help me he can help anyone get a great pup or maybe a starter to finish dog.His kennel was super clean and he had some really nice dogs,so with that if you are looking stop rite here at Little wing kennel Jim will help you find your new buddy and great hunting pup..John
 Submitted by: Mark Fiorentino on Sep 04, 2010
We decided on an English Pointer and were happy to find a breeder - Little Wing Kennels - nearby us in Flemington, NJ. As it turned out Jim Cannizzaro was helpful and true to his word. His dogs are sweet and beautiful. His kennel is clean, his methods are professional and he is clearly experienced and determined to breed world class results. We paid a very reasonable price and went away with a beautiful well tempered and intelligent new family member. She is a loving dog who enjoys interacting with people and dogs alike. Everyone who meets her is taken by her beauty, stature and good nature. This was a very lucky find for us and we can only offer the highest recommendation for Little Wing.

The Fiorentino's - High bridge, NJ
Submitted by: Armando Mamo on Sep 03, 2010  
Jim, we love Roza our English Pointer, she is beautiful and most important very nice with my kids. She is by far the most intelligent bird dog I have ever owned. We are amazed at her natural pointing instincts, and ability to adapt and learn so quickly. We are extremely Happy with her. Your string of pointers are bar nun the best I have ever seen and your kennel is over exceptional. I would recommend your kennel and your bird dogs to anyone looking for a quality English pointer.
Armando Mamo
Submitted by: Amanda on Jul 14, 2010  
Hi Jim!

We couldn't be happier with our new puppy. We named him Boeheim(pronounced Bay-hime) after the legendary Syracuse basketball coach. He's already recognizing his name and responding when we tell him to "come."

We can tell he is extremely intelligent, as he almost always tells us when he needs to be let out to go to the bathroom. Yesterday we saw him do what looked like a point! It was great! He's got a great temperament and is enjoying meeting our families and friends.

Again thank you so much for our new little Guy! We love him tremendously!

Submitted by: John Pesenti on Jul 13, 2010  
Jim, I cannot say enough about you and your kennel and most of all our little Sunny since the moment taking her home. From the moment my wife and I walked into your facility we knew we were going home with a new addition to our family. After visiting a couple of kennels and seeing your dogs in action Little Wing Kennels is by far a first class facility was the place. The size was right and most of all was clean. Thanks for helping with the name too. We can’t wait to start hunting her this season, she has been a pleasure to work with. We knew her pointing abilities were natural when seeing and picking her out at 8 weeks of age but after running her with our friends pointer not only is she pointing but
also backing natural, incredible at such a young age. Jim thanks for all your help and answering any questions we have, by far you have the best facility I have ever seen and would recommend to anyone.
Thanks, John and Donna Pesenti
Submitted by: James Hobbie on Apr 30, 2010  
Hi Jim,

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful male English Pointer Pup that I purchased from you and your kennel in February. The male pup is doing great and shows all the signs of being a great birddog hunting dog. Everyone that has seen the dog says he looks great and is very active. I was also very impressed with your kennel and all of your birddogs. You have a first rate operation!

Thanks again Jim and I look forward to talking to you soon!
James G. Hobbie
Submitted by: Wayne Morris on Jan 29, 2010  
Jim, I am very happy with the dog , Zues is now 1 1/2 years old & has trained and handled with out question as the best bird dog I have ever owned.
He is steady on point and retrieves with great enthusiasm . I could not be a more happy client .
Thanks for the great effort you put into the breeding . It shows!

Wayne Morris
Submitted by: Edward Schreuner on Nov 19, 2009  
Hi Jim, Just wanted to let you know about one of your pups that we just purchased from you. She is just wonderful, I can't believe how smart she is, my boys have started her on long walks in the field and woods and she love it.It cerntainly comes natural for her. We named her Jerzee Girl since she came from Jersery seem to fit her well. And being a Jersery Girl she comes with all the deva possible.Can't thank you enough for her. Iam so happy that I found out about your kennel and your breeding , your doing a great job. Thanks agian Lisa and Ed Schreiner Richboro Pa
 Submitted by: Nancy on Nov 09, 2009
Our pup (Gyp) is now 1 yr old and in his first full season of birds. He is an absolute blast to hunt with. Extremely attentive easy to handle and has tons of drive. We have had him out several times so far and have great success. Just hope our shooting is good because he is ready to retrieve the minute he hears the shot. He easily adjusts from being out in the field to being a couch potato and companion for my 85 year old mom.. He has a great sense about him. He is a clown with my son and gentle as can be with my mom. I have people stop me on our walks and training sessions all the time and compliment on how well trained he is and obedient. He is the perfect all around dog for an active family who loves the outdoors. Thanks again Jim, we couldn't ask for better.
Submitted by: Carolyn Montgomery on Oct 20, 2009  
Hi Jim,

Thank you for checking in on Bela and us. Bela is such a wonderful addition to us. She is pretty much house broken and so smart. She even has started to point on a few occasions. Thank you again, we could have not gotten such a awesome puppy if it wasn't for you.

Carolyn Montgomery
Submitted by: Gabe Wytovich on Oct 01, 2009  
Hi Jim,
We have been training with a friend of mine who breeds German Shorthair Pointers and is newly set up for training dogs. She is hugely impressed with Gyp and his breeding. She said he is one of the funnest dogs she ever worked with and has a great level of awareness. And oh that nose. he has located 100% of the birds we placed and ones that were left over from previous sessions. We continue to work on the whoa and steady on the point. His drive is incredible. Today we shot chukars with him, he did great. She said he is ready for puppy trials. Not sure if I'm ready for that. Thank You again for all your help and especially helping us get started.
We greatly appreciate all you've done.
Nancy and Gabe Wytovich
Submitted by: Ron Meischker on Sep 10, 2009  
My search for the perfect mesh of gun dog and family companion was a long and arduous one, which led me to visit close to a dozen different breeders throughout Southern New Jersey, Delaware and Eastern Pennsylvania .

After not being 100% satisfied with the animals we saw at the other facilities we visited, I took a chance and drove outside my desired range to Little Wing Kennels in Flemington , NJ . From the second I arrived at Jim Cannizzaro’s facility, I knew I was at the right place. His kennels were modern and clean, and all the dogs were in exceptionally good condition. The grounds of the facility were ideally suited for training gun dogs and it was clear that Jim was a skilled and experienced trainer and handler.

I couldn’t be happier with Piper, the female orange and white English Pointer, that we selected. It was clear to from day one that she was accustomed interacting with humans and had received an exceptional amount of one-on-one training with Jim.

Little Wing Kennels was precisely the kind of breeder we were looking to work with, and ultimately led to us finding the perfect fit for our family.

-Ron Meischker
Somers Point, NJ
Submitted by: Ray Gubernat on Sep 06, 2009  
You folks started her out very nicely. She is bold and inquisitive and has a level of confidence to the point of being impudent. She is already fitting right in with my four adult dogs. You and your family did that and you did it well. She is as well socialized as any pup I have ever dealt with.

She is also a very smart dog...you don't have to show her something more than once or twice. I may have to pick up my game in the training department, just to keep one step ahead of her.

You may be assured that she will have every chance to succeed that I can give her. If she matures into the kind of dog I think she will, we are both going to have a lot of fun. We shall see what we shall see.

Submitted by: Dana Eggleston on May 31, 2009  
Jim our pup Sydney and she is doing great! We adore her and feel like she is perfect for us.
She is great with us and other dogs/people, is starting to learn (picks up very quickly), sleeps ALL night (from the first night on), and has LOTS of energy! We live near a large field so we take her out there daily to get her exercised. She also has had a few vet visits so far and all is well. I can't say enough positive things about our pup!

Dana Eggleston
Submitted by: paul longo on Jan 19, 2009  
Little Wing Kennels produces top bred dogs. The 5 month old English Pointer pup, named, Lucy, we acquired has great potential and has quickly become a member of our family. She was pointing quail at 8 weeks old and we plan to make her a top notch grouse and woodcock wild bird hunter with the help of Little Wing Kennels. Little Wing Kennels is very selective on breeding top dogs.
Submitted by: John Rogers on Jan 06, 2009

I have the orange and white pup. He is getting big, has stolen everyone’s heart, and more importantly is hunting well. I started hunting him at 3 months, as he had the desire and was afraid of nothing. He has put up a few birds and is very excited when one gets knocked down. We just went and bought some Quail to put out this weekend for the pup, he winded them from 15 to 20 yds away, found them and put them up.

Thanks John Rogers